georgina varney - our worldGeorgina Varney works for two days a week at a primary school in Sandwell. 

If you would like a reference please contact: Mrs J Stackhouse, Head Teacher,
St Margaret’s C E Primary School, Great Barr, Birmingham on 0121 357 2758 who will be very happy to help.


Mrs H Birch - Deputy Head Teacher
“The ‘Our World Day’ organised by Georgina Varney was a tremendous experience for our children. They were given the opportunity to reflect on how difficult life is for many children in different parts of the world. The day certainly made them appreciate how fortunate children in this school are.  I would highly recommend the ‘Our World’ experience day for every primary school.”

Mrs N Miller - Head Teacher
“The children always look forward to Georgina’s workshops and assemblies!”

Mrs A Watts - AST
“The ‘Our World’ workshop really engaged the children and propelled them into reflecting on the issues they themselves raised.   The workshop appealed to all preferred learning styles, because the range of activities crossed a spectrum of styles.   Another measure of the success of the workshop is the quality of follow-up work completed by the pupils; this revealed real empathy.   There were many pathways criss-crossing the Key Stage 2 curriculum.  A great success; please come again”.

Mrs T de la Haye - Deputy Head
“I would like to recommend Georgina Varney to any organisation planning to use her sensitive skills and interesting and inspiring ideas with primary children.   Georgina spent an hour with my Year 6 geography class and engaged them in a thought-provoking challenge that promoted interesting discussion and debate on what various agencies might do in a crisis.  The children in my class were able to question each other’s ideas and explore the importance of teamwork and positive ways of working together, in a lively, proactive manner.  I would thoroughly recommend Georgina Varney to anyone who would like to utilise her skills and talentwith a group/class of children”.


Key Stage 1/2

Year 1
“The children were fascinated by the numbers and facts. To physically see how much water we use against how much is used in other countries was good. They enjoyed looking at how water is filtered.  Well done; wish it could have been longer!!!”

Year 2 -  “The children learnt how difficult it was to create a liveable space using plastic bags.  For some children this was the first time that they could experience a lifestyle of others less fortunate”.

Year 3
“The workshop was excellent – the children really thought about the tasks and began to relate them to their own lives. Super Morning!”

Year 4
“Excellent activities provided, good hands on experience, and they sparked interest and discussion”.  “This was a great session that really captured the children’s interest.  I felt that they learnt a lot, and it really gave them an insight into other people’s lives”.

Year 5
“All the pupils enjoyed the activities very much; more importantly, they were extremely effective as a learning tool.   The numbers involved in the water activities were understandable and using water turned these abstract numbers into reality.   The children were amazed at how much water we waste...so was I!!  It made us all want to take steps to be careful with water. Great for developing awareness of global issues!  An excellent morning! Thank you.

Year 6
“The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and returned to class discussing them – especially the shoe polishing (“My Mum will never believe….!”)  All were very valid activities and the issues that arose provoked reactions from the children that we need to follow-up!”